New Projects New Blog

Hi There,

As you can tell by the title I am setting up a new blog as my previous project Attack Of The RGB  has come to and end/holt until I can publish it, you can view any blogs I had done here. With this comes the start of new projects and this time I have two, one I can talk about and another I will talk about but not in great detail.

The first project is going to be built in Project Anarchy and is going to be a kind of air hokey style game, with a few twists. I will be planning on building this for Android an iOS version might happen but while I don’t have an iPhone it most likely won’t. The second project is going to be an Android app (not a game this time) and built natively for it. Both projects I will look at publishing when complete and hopefully both will be great portfolio pieces or more 😉 There was a project idea I had from watching the Us and Game Industry documentary, but after researching the concept and similar ideas I’ve come to the conclusion it would need to either be a console game or a pc game that relied on controllers. Not just that it would be too big for now, so I’m passing on that at the moment and will do that in the vast future.

So to Project Anarchy, I set that up yesterday and have been playing with it today. I didn’t realize that Havok had made a tutorial and I’m glad they did. Zero to Hero is brilliant, I’ve learnt a fair amount in such a small time and have a great working game from that tutorial. As for the setup It was rather easy and even though I say that, I still managed to do mess up a a setting for the location of the Android NDK. So testing it on the phone was a bit of a hassle 😛 With the knowledge I learnt from that tutorial and get to setting up the level in design of how I think it should be, or to what it should be for the time being while I develop the game. Then it will be a task to manipulate the code of what I’ve learnt to make it work the way I want. There’s no name for this as of yet so I’m giving it a codename of Anarchy Bash….yeaaaaah I’m that creative ha. With Project Anarchy I will be using LUA script for the first time, this I am very excited about about and I am sure I’ll get on fine with it, one thing though I will need to find some more tutorials for it.

The second project is already up and started, I have worked a fair amount on it the past week. I updated Eclipse and the SDK but don’t think I’ll be using the Android L preview, I’ll wait until L is fully out before I do anything with that. I’m using Google Maps API with this project and have found it rather easy to set up, Google has a brilliant developer website with help. I now need to set up a database with some fake data so I can manipulate it and bring it into the app…this will sure be fun.

Busy times ahead, feels like uni all over again. This blog I plan to keep open about all my projects and thoughts hence keeping the name more generic, rather than the name not being a based around a project.