So it begins…

So it begins and begins with the second project, see this is going to be a big project and so I wanted to get a great start. First thing I did was search online for how to connect from an Android app to an online server, I took a while to get something I could use and follow which was very stressful for a while as it took quite a few days but eventually I found a great one and with that I’ve now set up a database online using the Wamp server and currently have it running on my pc, no that won’t be great in the future when the product is hopefully out, but for development sake it makes life very easy.

Currently I have one table in the database that holds information about made up stores (made up solely for the practice) and I am pulling that from the database through a PHP web-service to my phones app and having them appear on the Google Map, it has been really fun doing that as I haven’t really touched databases and web-service since from previous web job. My next job is to sort out the types of shops and use that information to decide the image that will represent them on the map. Then it will be onto putting a table in the database for each location and then sorting out the stores that will be shown on the map depending on the location that the user has chosen.

As for the my Project Anarchy project I haven’t touched anything recently as I’ve been concentrating on the Android app, however I have kind of thought of a name for it (at least a development name) and the name is ‘Arena: Pushball’. I will be working on the Android app for a bit more and then I’ll come back to this project and make some more progress on it, as I am generally looking forward to working with engine more as well as LUA.

Until next time, enjoy yours games people!


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