Arena: Pushball The Basics

Today’s plan has been to put the basic game together using what I’ve learnt and gathered from the Zero to Hero tutorials that the guys at Havok have put together for Project Anarchy. I started of by just simply organizing the layout of the level and how I would like it to look. This look has two goals at each end and manipulating the playing field in the middle. With this comes two paddles now on at each end, yes I am using the ones from the zero to hero tutorials but eventually I will be replacing them with proper models, same goes for the static meshes for the arena. I have also renamed and organised the scripts to represent who they belong to whether it be the player or opponent player, this will make it a lot easier to reference and easier to know which set of scripts I need to edit or create for which side.


In the image above you can see the basic layout I am going for with the arena and all arenas I plan to put in the game will be based on this layout/design. Its very basic like the layout of many sports, Football (normal and American), rugby, hockey etc etc and that’s all it needs to be. I’ll be using this level in particular throughout the majority of development, however the plan is to add more and the player will be able to choose which arena they player in before starting the game

As for whats next, well with the basic game player being there, moving player paddle, when the ball goes in either end it adds a point to either the player or opponent score and displays it on screen, the next thing to do is sort out the opponent AI and how it will work. This I believe will be the hardest part of the basic gameplay as I’ll have to figure out how it ‘should’ work and look and then how to get it to work in Lua with havoks extra ingredients.

After the AI is done my plan is:

  • Put a damper on the Paddle
  • Collision box on walls so it adds momentum to the ball
  • Hit scaleform first and make a main menu
  • Create the GUI for the level while in play
  • Add the ability to change max score points (currently set to 5), leading to longer and shorter games
  • Create multiple arenas
  • Create a selection screen before playing where they’ll choose which arena to play in
  • Create all models needed

So you can see I have a fair amount to do on this project, I’ve been enjoying it so far, I love the idea and I am looking forward to what challenges this project will bring. Obviously with Project Anarchy being used for mobile development I plan to make it work on Android and iOS (eventually), a PC build would be nice but that comes with the price of a license, so I will see if that happens at all.


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