Ticking things off the list and adding more

So today has been quite productive as such, as I have managed to sort out two things off the todo list from last time, first one being the collision on the walls giving momentum to the ball. Now the way I have done this is by placing a trigger box around each group of wall panels and given them a script which senses the ball colliding with it and then gives the ball some momentum. It works exactly the same as the ball bouncing off either paddle, so was pretty easy to implement.

Next was putting a ‘damper’ on the opposing AI player so that it wasn’t 100% going to hit the ball each time, however I slightly changed my idea on what I wanted to do, by this I mean I just simply changed the speed of the player. This I will change later on dependent on what difficulty level the player chooses, whether it be Easy, Normal or Hard. At the moment the speed is set to what I believe to be a very slow speed so I will just raise it for the other two difficulty levels. These have yet to be implemented but I have added them to the todo list 😉

Lastly I have started a new thing which is reset the player and the opponent to their original places. This is currently in the works as I have stumbled upon an issue, but hopefully I will fix it. I will also be resetting the ball to be in front of the player who had the ball go in the back of their net and they will ‘kick off’. That feature is yet to be implemented, but will be as soon as the player reset is done.

Below is an updated list of what is to be done:

Currently working on

  • After score, player and remote paddle reset to original position
    • Ball resets in front of paddle  (Player presses to shoot, remote will just shoot)

After the AI is done my plan is:

  • Hit scaleform first and make a main menu
  • Create the GUI for the level while in play
  • Add the ability to change max score points (currently set to 5), leading to longer and shorter games
  • Create multiple arenas
  • Create a selection screen before playing where they’ll choose which arena to play in
  • Difficulty levels
  • Create all models needed