So it’s been a few weeks and I’ve made a good start on the RTS Tower Defense game I am making with some friends in about a full days worth of work in total (split over a few days where I could fit the work in). The idea of the game that the designer is coming up with is that it is a tower defense based inside the human body with bacteria and antibodies (amongst other things) going from one part area around a vital organ to another (these will be represented by rooms). Therefore I started off by building two rooms one where the enemies would spawn and a second room where the ‘heart’ is. The heart being the organ that the enemies will attack and loose health as more attack it.

In the first room I scripted a prototype of the spawning unit which will spawn the enemy units over time, these would then walk towards the ‘heart’ and take a set amount of life off it, with the game ending when there is no life left.

Next was to create a prototype for the interface and creating ‘buildings’ to place down, which will either be places to create new units or ‘towers’ which will attack the enemies. This was done by prototyping a building manager script to control which button on screen would spawn which specific building and attach it to the user’s mouse position. A placement script was then created to look after the placement of the  ‘building’ and checking if it was in he range of another building, therefore making sure that the player cannot place multiple buildings in one location.

It hasn’t been decided yet as to whether the game is going to be in 2D or 3D, so I have made this prototype version in 3D. Next I am going to rework the scripts and stuff I have made so far and build a second version in 2D so that there is a prototype of both in the works ready for when the group meet up next with what we have done so far. As I’ve mentioned previously, we have decided upon using the Unity game engine so at least with the later version, 2D is now apart of the engine and I am looking forward to seeing how this works.


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