The return, the clean and the focus

It’s been a while blog world…..a long while. The last half a year has been rather busy for me out side of my side projects and have been rather lazy with them/not doing anything to them. One project I was doing with friends seemed to just disintegrate and another my friend gave up on the idea. The third which was just one I was doing by myself was good, but I just lost interest it in. At the time of doing all three I seemed to be more focused on one of the others than I was on the one I was currently working on, so as you can see it didn’t work out.

Anyway, so what is it I am doing now? Well this is me coming back and I am going to be carrying on with Bevnav. It’s the more interesting one at of the three and one I can complete by myself (even though yes I did start this with a friend). I have taken the other projects off this blog until further notice.

But why Bevnav, I thought you wanted to make games?” I hear you cry, well yes that is what brought me to the dance and is my main focus. However I was a lot further in to this project than the others and have a lot more ideas and plans for it, therefore it would be a bigger loss and waste of my previous time, to not complete it. I also am now a SharePoint Developer at my company and for the time being, a software based project might help me a bit more in my job than a games based one. I am aiming to get this complete by December and think with all the focus I can give to it (and with how much longer is left in the year) I will get it done by then. As with Attack of the RGB, this isn’t a publish type of thing and get 100’s of people to use it. This is simply an app that I am creating to show what I can do.

After Bevnav It will be back to the drawing board and I will get back in to game development type side projects. I may use one of the previously started projects or I may start something completely new. All I know is, is that is a rather long way off from today and will think about that more when the time comes. Until then it’s full steam ahead Bevnav!!

So all this chat about focus, what have you actually done ?” Good question well when I first came back to it I had a good look through the code to see what I had done and where I should go next. In doing this I became a little disappointed in myself as I realised how bad the code was and how inefficient it was, it also looked like an ameteur had written it and that’s not what I want to be doing, especially considering this is meant to be a portfolio piece, I have no idea what I was thinking back then. One example is all the data I pulled through from the database I was just saving to a big long list with of a string for each of the tables columns (WOW nick that’s terrible), so to fix this I just made some simple classes and saved them to that. This also made it so much easier to use the data later, instead of having to write a big line of code access the string for the table column, then cutting to get the one I wanted.

After the initial clean up I then started to like the idea of adding a Navigation drawer to the app, so I spent a while learning about them and then I went onto adding one to the app. The problem is, even though I wanted one (and still do really), I didn’t know what I would be putting in the drawer and it became more of a feature creep. So I have taken it out now, but if I can think of some way of using it then I’ll put it straight back in.

Next on my plan was to create the ‘profile’ page of each bar, which would display the name, address and more importantly the ‘featured’ offer as well as any other offers they wish to show. I created a new activity for the profile and implemented a bundle to pass all the data through from the main activity to the profile page. Well that’s now all there, the next thing for me to do is make the page look ‘pretty’ as it is currently a blank activity with text all over it, therefore I am currently making some drawings for it.

Speaking of whats next I created a TODO list for this project of things that need doing before I will consider this project complete. Obviously there’s probably somethings I’ve over looked or will naturally creep in but this is the foundation:

  • Make classes for the bars/offers/locations – DONE
  • Clean up code – On going
  • Create pub profile page
    • Change the ‘Offer type and details’ to ‘Featured Offer’
    • Add a listview for the pubs ‘other’ offers
    • Create new design layout for the page
      • Create a design layout for the listview also
  • Add a ‘remove’ search filter option for when the user has searched for a ceratin location and then wist to remove that filter
  • Give the listview of the locations search list a better design
  • Move the server to my website, as it’s currently on my laptop
  • Add a ‘Favourites’ feature to either save favourite bars or favourite offers or both
  • OPTIONAL – Create a home screen widget
  • OPTIONAL – Navigation drawer