New Popups to Show Details

So in the last few weeks I have been finishing up the cleaning of my code because, asĀ  I mentioned in the previous blog, after returning to the app I noticed I had fallen in to some terrible habits and therefore felt before doing anything I needed to do a ‘clean up’ asap so I was happy with it. Now I am happy with it and feel it’s a lot more readable and efficient. However I am sure there will come a time when I look at a part of the code I haven’t looked at in some time and I’ll think ‘Damn! This is terrible!’

After that I moved on to working on the pubs details page. This would open up when the user clicks on the pubs icon on the map and it will show a much more detailed view of the pubs offers (the main featured one and then a list of any other offer they might want to show). It will also show their address and an image of the pub. This started life off as a new activity that would take the user away from the google map activity. However when I had finished it and had pulled all of the data about the pub to the details page, I realized how empty it looked and by gawd it looked really empty.

With this in mind I made a choice to have the details open up in a ‘popup’ within the google maps activity. This looks a lot cleaner in my opinion and it also means there isn’t a lot off empty space all over the page. Another major advantage to this is that a new feature to the google maps activity is that when you click on a marker two little buttons appear that either send you to the location in google maps itself, or the other button sends you to google maps but to the directions page. The latter of these features especially is awesome and I’m glad google implemented this and also saved me from a bigger issue which if I had stayed with the separate activity, I wanted to add the ability to go to google maps and let the user get directions. So having the pop up means I can keep it compact and cleaner but also I get to utilize the buttons that google have already added in.

Lastly I also have changed the ‘search town’ list’s design, which was very empty before hand. Now the text has a lot more padding around it and therefore the text does not feel all quashed together. I have also added line separators between each town name and I have also added a background to the list. Yes it’s white but before it was transparent and you could see through to the map and to me looked bad because the text appeared to just hover and I didn’t like it. At least now with a white background, the list looks separate from the rest of the activity and looks more professional, well at least in my mind it does haha.

So what’s on the agenda next, well first its pull through the correct image each pub, because at the moment it’s just an image place holder. Then after that it’s to make a default icon so that if there was a pub added but didn’t have any ‘featured’ offers on at the moment then at least it would still show the pub, but it wouldn’t make out that they have an offer on. Then the next major one is to add a ‘remove’ filter feature, so that if the user searches for a certain city/town (which will filter the map to only show pubs from that town), then at least they can remove it and show all because at the moment they can’t, they have to close the app entirely. I know that’s terrible Nick what are you doing!! haha.

Also for this blog I will add some images at some point so that there is some point of reference to what I am jabbering on about.