End of the year and end of BevNav

I haven’t blogged in the last two months and there’s a good reason. In that time I have got to where I wanted with BevNav and all I need to do was put the database on my portfolio website server and also put the PHP pages on there to pull the data down. When I did this however I found out the hard way that the Windows hosting I have doesn’t work with PHP, who knew? I sure didn’t and that caused me a lot of pain because my websites in ASP and there for need the Windows hosting.

with that in mind I have attempted to translate my website from ASP based to completely HTML. However this has not worked 100%. Unfortunately there are several animations which do not play anymore and a few sections that do not work. Therefore I have decided for now to leave it as is and just add a page on my portfolio about BevNav and upload some screenshots of it working. After and during the Christmas break I may take some more time to get it work and potentially change my hosting to a Linux based package.

Until then, here are some screenshots of BevNav working, enjoy:

Now that it’s finished I can reflect on how well the project has gone. and it’s been rather enjoyable. Working on Android is always a fun little challenge as I don’t use that code very often and with that can come a lot of stress, however it’s always great when you see the results of the labour. For such a small project, it is a bit annoying it took so long to do, but that is more down to my commitment to want to do side projects outside of my real work. I also found Google Map (something I had not touched before), wonderful to work with and if there was another time when I had to or wanted to work with it again, I definitely would do so.

So what’s next? Well potentially two things, one is a games project and the other is a software project. The games project is to be a dodgems (bumper cars) type game, which I want to make in Unity and it’ll be for PC.

Now the other project is just a software based one because I work as a software developer in a games company and I want to excel. There’s a few things I want to get to know more, one being Model View – View Model (MVVM) and the other is to just to keep upgrading my skills. As this is something I am going to be doing to aid my work real life job, I am intending on working on it more often than I have with BevNav.

Therefore the majority of my time is going to spent on that, more than the dodgems games, but I would like to get that started also.

As well as the programming I will try to blog a bit more…TRY HAHA.

Happy Christmas and New Year everybody!